Cremation Furnace & Incinerators

CMTS incineration system provides a safe, economical way to ensure total destruction of combustible waste. Some of the advantages that you will find using the incinerator are:-

Smokeless and Odorless Incineration
Robustly built and environment friendly, our equipment incorporates proven flue gas treatment technology designed to meet the most stringent international environmental standards.

Quick and simple operation
Effective waste volume reduction through quick to install and simple to operate system. Reducing installation and operating costs Systems require only water, air, electricity and auxiliary gas fuel ~ preheated water for scrubbing, longer residence time to clean up emissions through steam reformation, precise air control to ensure complete burn down, auxiliary fuel for initial heating ."

CMTS Batch Type Incinerators burn the waste to ash, achieving efficient, clean and complete combustion in the process. The CMTS Incineration System is designed to be economical to purchase and operate.

Purchase cost savings arise from simplicity of the design and efficiency of the combustion process. There is no need for the purchase of bag filters and dry scrubbers to trap particulates nor the need to dilute the emitted flue gases.

Operating cost savings are achieved due to smart synchronization of industrial combustion system and air motor controls. Fuel consumption is low due to direct intervention of air supply to the combusting waste. Heat recovery from the combustion process is used to preheat the auxiliary air, and this translates into better fuel economy for the clients.

Human Cremation Furnace

CMTS Cremation Furnace incorporates full automatic control including that of flue gas emissions. It is built to meet emission regulations laid out by European Union and World Health Organization.

The Cremation furnace operates on natural gas, LP gas or diesel oil and employs the proven two chambers design for clean discharge and reliable operation.

CMTS has concentrated on providing a simplified control interface requiring no special operator skills.

This heavy duty chamber has a 70 to 90 minutes cycle, depending on case types and offers up to six cremations per 10 hour day, whilst maintaining clean emission throughout each cycle.

Animal Carcass Cremation Furnace

The CMTS Animal Carcass Incinerator is a modern incinerator designed to dispose animal carcass waste in an efficient, clean and environmentally safe manner.

Our equipment are especially suitable for the safe disposal of animal waste from abattoirs, research centres, waste contractors and animal crematorium.

Our Animal Carcass Incineration Systems are available in a variety of burning throughputs, designed to meet the disposal needs of large farms and abbatoirs.

With system capacities starting at 10kg loads per hour and progressing up to 1000kg loads per hour, CMTS Carcass incinerators are ideally suited for mass disposal.

Security Document / Woodwaste / Agricultural Waste Incinerator

CMTS MWS incineration system provides a safe, economical way to ensure total destruction of combustible waste.

Some of the advantages that you will find using the incinerator are:-

  • The equipment has no moving parts other than the blowers and an auxiliary burner.
  • The equipment is suitable for indoor/outdoor installation
  • Due to the sustained high temperature environment with turbulence from air nozzles, complete combustion of the saw dust waste can be achieved.
  • Saw dust waste can be automatically fed into the incinerator using a screw feeder.
Air Curtain Incinerator

CMTS SDN BHD is coordinator for Air Burners LLC in Malaysia.

We provide Sales & Support for all Air Burner Products in Malaysia.

Air Curtain Burners deployed to the forests and landfills have proven to be one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to deal with large amounts of wood and vegetative waste. They exceed all applicable US-EPA regulations.

The technology is well proven and the machines have been subjected to extensive testing by numerous environmental agencies worldwide.Air Curtain Burners were designed principally as a pollution control device.

The primary objective of an air curtain machine is to reduce the particulate matter (PM) or smoke, which results from burning clean wood waste.