Aluminium Die Casting

UQ Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of electric, oil and gas fired furnace systems for melting, holding and transferring aluminum for production of die-cast components.

We have made further energy saving improvements on our Central Rapid Melting Furnace CM series. These systems are based on our proven heat distribution technique with the aid of sophisticated CFD modeling and built using highly effective combustion units and non wetting refractory materials.

The focus of development was on reliable operation, low operating costs and maximizing service life. The furnaces can be equipped with a network module so that we can support our customers all over the world when it comes to maintenance, plant optimization and resolving faults.

UQ customers who use our new generation furnaces can now enjoy tremendous savings from low energy costs for melting and holding aluminium, with the additional benefit of experiencing near zero aluminium wastage within the dross.

Repeat orders from clients is testimony to UQ’s improved technology in the design and manufacture of Aluminium Melting and Holding Furnaces We also produce replacement parts such as furnace heaters, combustion gas train components, thermocouples, and components (plunger sleeves, rods, tips) for TOSHIBA, TOYO, UBE die casting machines.

Central Tower Melting Furnace

CMTS Central Tower Melting Furnace comprises a preheating chamber, a holding chamber and an automatic material charging machine (skip elevator). Its compact design not only saves space and energy, it is safe to operate too.

The temperature of the molten metal can be regulated and a level indicator/probe allows the surface level of the molten metal to be monitored.

For handling convenience, an optional automatic conveyor driven dispenser can be incorporated to transport molten metal from the Furnace Holding Chamber to individual Holding Pots located elsewhere.

Continuous Melting and Holding Furnace

CMTS Melting and Holding Furnace is designed for continuous operation and is suitable for aluminium die casting and aluminium casting industries. Equipped with “Super Low Speed Luminous Flame Burners”, it performs better than conventional furnaces by offering good temperature uniformity of molten metal coupled with excellent energy savings.

Some of the remarkable features of this furnace include:-
• Superior Aluminium Melt Quality
• Good Temperature Control
• Choice of Fuels
• Low Maintenance Cost
• Ease of Cleaning

Automated Molten Aluminum Transported (AMAT)

CMTS’s Automated Monorail driven molten aluminum pour ladle, each ladle with a pour capacity of 60 or 80 kg, is capable of refilling aluminium melts to holding furnaces at the rate of 1500 kg per hour. This highly efficient molten aluminium transporter can be designed to dispense molten aluminium to more than 12 holding furnaces.

Another advantage of our design include the ability to switch the ladling of molten aluminium from one Central Tower Furnace to another Central Tower Furnace. This feature is particularly beneficial to the client when one Central Tower Furnace stops for prolonged maintenance work.

Please contact us if you need to improve pouring productivity within your die casting foundry.

Electric Bath Type Holding Furnace

CMTS Electric Holding Furnace is suitable for use in aluminium die casting foundry where it receives the molten aluminium from the Central Tower Furnace.

The furnace comprise of a molten aluminium feed inlet (with option for molten aluminium to be dispensed by an automatic aluminium transporter), a heated chamber and an open well.

The furnace has built in safety features to prevent overtemperature conditions with extra heating power available for rapid heating of aluminium during cold winter months.

Crucible Tilting & Bale Out Furnace

Gas and oil fired crucible furnace can be supplied with an automatic two stage high / low / off control or a single stage high / off control packaged burner system. 

The refractory lining comprise of a hybrid of perlite boards (cold face) and refractory bricks on the walls and castables on floor. Leak detectors are provided at the drain out hole and on the furnace floor and this serve to stop further melting operations should aluminium flow out of a broken crucible.

This features are available on all our tilting and bale out furnaces (electric, gas or oil fired). Suitable for melting aluminium and zinc.

Furnace Repair / Refurbishing Services

  • Furnace Repair & Troubleshooting Services
  • Refractory Relining Works
  • Retrofit furnace to increase production output
  • Conversion of oil fired to gas fired combustion system