Smoke Production

NBS Smoke Density Chamber

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BS 6401, ASTM E 662, ASTM F814, NFPA 258
Options: ISO 5659/IMO FTPC Part 2, ATS 1000.001/ABD0031, NES 711

This instrument has been established for many years and is used widely in all industrial sectors for the determination of smoke generated by solid materials and assemblies mounted in the vertical position within a closed chamber.

This widely-used test instrument measures the specific optical density of smoke generated by materials when an essentially flat specimen, up to 25 mm thick, is exposed vertically to a radiant heat source of 25 kW/m2, in a closed chamber, with or without the use of a pilot flame.

3 Metre Cube Smoke Apparatus

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IEC 61034 - BS 6853 - BS 6724 - BS 7622

The 3 Metre Cube is used for measuring smoke emission when electric cables are burned under defined conditions, for example, a few cables burned horizontally. The equipment comprises a cubic enclosure and a photometric system.

This unit was first developed by London Transport Scientists in England. In 1990 they took delivery of a FTT 3 Metre Cube.

These units are produced to meet the specification used in many electric cable tests. The unit can be supplied in a self-assembly kit form or can be fully installed by FTT Engineers.

The unit is made of Zintec steel sheet and can be supplied with customised extraction facilities and all instrumentation, fans, stands and sample mounting frames.

The photometric system can be supplied separately.

Room Corner Test

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ISO 9705, EN 14390, ASTM D 5424, ASTM D 5537, ASTM E 603, ASTM E 1537, ASTM E 1590, ASTM E 1822, NFPA 265, UL 1685, NT FIRE 25, NT FIRE 32

FTT build and supply the Room Corner Test complete with the appropriate instrumentation package or supply instrumentation to clients wishing to upgrade existing facilities or with a wish to build their own apparatus.

In the latter cases FTT supply a Gas Analysis Instrumentation Console and a Duct Section. The console contains all the necessary instrumentation to measure heat release rates and other associated parameters.

This includes an analyser developed specifically for FTT Calorimeters, incorporating an enhanced Servomex 4100 featuring a high stability temperature controlled paramagnetic oxygen sensor (and optional CO2/CO) with flow control and by-pass for fast response.

Density of Smoke from the Burning or Decomposition of Plastics

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ASTM D 2843

ASTM D 2843 Smoke Density Test is intended to be used for measuring the smoke-producing characteristics of plastics under controlled conditions of combustion or decomposition.

The measurements are made in terms of the loss of light transmission through a collected volume of smoke produced under controlled, standardized conditions. The apparatus is constructed so that the flame and smoke can be observed during the test.

This test allows measurement of the amount of smoke obscuration produced in a simple, direct, and meaningful manner under the specified conditions.

The degree of obscuration of vision by smoke generated by combustibles can be substantially affected by changes in quantity and form of material, humidity, draft, temperature, and oxygen supply.